Top 5 FREE Instagram Apps & Tools For Making Viral Content

Are you looking for ways to make great, viral content for Instagram for free? Perfect! Because I’m gonna give you the top five free Instagram tools to make your amazing content with.

Plus, since I’ve shared one of these top five before, I’m gonna throw in a bonus app at the end of this article that I’m actually really excited about because this is a replacement for one of our very favorite all-time tools to use for Instagram that used to be free but now is a paid app.

Create Great Content

Maybe you found yourself in a bit of a rut when it comes to your Instagram content, just doing the same old stuff day in and day out, using the same tools, maybe even for the last few years.

I get it… honestly, I hate paying for apps as well. So, take time to check out these apps so you can see which of these different tools can help you create killer viral content for your Instagram account.

So, we’re gonna start out with number five, working our way down to number one, saving the best for last.


So, number five is Layout from Instagram: Collage and this is actually made by Instagram, and it is a fabulous tool.

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It’s truly the best collages app that I have seen, period. It is super fast and super easy way to make great-looking collages.

It allows for a lot of adjustment of the size within the collage. Whether you want borders or you don’t want borders, there’s a lot of flexibility within the app itself.

What’s really neat is when you go to create something, instead of the normal collage apps, where you get a bunch of empty frames to choose from to make the arrangement that you want, this actually pre-populates your images into the frames as you’re scrolling through to select the frame in the first place. That’s really helpful when you’re making your content, making it a lot easier to create something that you like on the first try, instead of going back and forth trying to find the right set up of the collage that you want.

They also have a pretty cool, unique feature, called Photo Booth, which takes a series of four pictures in a row and then it populates them into different collages that you get to select which one you want to work with. And then you can edit it as you want after that. It is definitely a fun feature that you can use as a little photo booth with you and your friends and using collages to make some great content for your Instagram account.


Number four is Canva, and this is the one that I’ve actually talked about before. You can also access it on your desktop at so it’s not just an app.

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Canva has been a staple for us in our business. We use it for our thumbnails, and for most any graphics or images that we need to create. It’s a great tool to help you make great content for Instagram itself.

Canva has a lot of different free templates, and graphics, and images pre-populated in the app. There’s not a lot that you have to pay for even though they do have things you can pay for in the app… but, honestly, I spent years and years doing stuff on Canva without ever paying for anything. So, you can create some great stuff in Canva without ever taking out that credit card.

The types of content that you’d typically do in Canva would be like adding text to images or doing collages with words to create a visual piece of content far more interest grabbing than just a picture.

Additionally, if you follow a specific style guide or something for your posts, Canva has a great feature that allows you to easily grab the last image that you created and make adjustments to it, so you can swap out the photo that’s in it or you can swap out the text, if it’s a quote or whatever, and then just re-save and there you go. This saves you a ton of time. It has everything already set up in it and it works really great.

Canva is handy too if you like to go between your phone and desktop, if you like to do both, because when you’re saving images from you can access those on your phone, and vice versa.

A bonus of using Canva, in particular, is that when you get really familiar with how to use it and you get pretty good with it, you can use it for the rest of your business. So you can use it for your video thumbnails, business cards, honestly I’ve even used it for our son’s birthday invitations. You can use it for all kinds of stuff once you’ve learned the software. And honestly, it’s really easy to learn.


The next app is Fotogenic: Body & Face tune and Retouch Editor.

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This is a good app to use if you just want to make some quick touch-ups, removing blemishes, softening your wrinkles on your images before you upload them to Instagram.

Now I’m definitely not a big fan of over edited and picture perfect Instagram images, so I wouldn’t suggest doing that with this, although you could. But if you have a big pimple or something that you need to fix, this should be your go-to tool. It’s very quick; it’s very efficient and it’s free.

They also have a nice feature for blurring the background, which makes beautiful looking pictures when you are in focus and the rest is blurred. I think it works really well for Instagram posts.

They also have different frames and options for different color adjustments. Plus, they have a lot more advanced features with the paid version.


Number two is called Over, and Over is a great tool for making your graphics.

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It has stock photos you can use if you want to with beautiful, creative templates within it, or you can also just pull in your own images into the app.

It is very similar to Canva, but I found it can have some more creative spins on their templates, with different layering and some things that they do to make it more visually appealing.

A unique benefit with Over is that it allows you to store your logo and pop it on to your images super fast. That is really helpful if you’re building a brand and you want to easily throw your logo on the bottom of your images.

It’s also nice that it integrates with Unsplash and Pixabay for stock photos, so you have their full library of stock photos to use.

The downside of it is that you can see a lot of stuff in the app that’s paid. So, when you’re looking through templates and different things you can’t just easily filter down to just see the free options. You’ve gotta scroll through a lot of paid stuff.

So when I compare that with what I see on Canva… Canva is very easy to filter out the paid stuff, and there’s seems to be more free options with Canva.

Be Funky

And finally number one is called BeFunky. It’s both an app and a desktop site for photo editing.

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This is a really great option if you want to get a little nitty gritty with your photo on a desktop, and you want a free option. It works fabulous. You can do a lot of really cool stuff with Be Funky.

I’d say the benefit, specifically for this app, is that it has a ton of great features all in one app. So, you can do your teeth whitening, fixing your blemishes and your wrinkles. You can even add makeup on your face, which seems very handy.

It has lots of great frames and overlays, plus your color adjustments, blurring, adding text, and really all that you could probably ever want to do on a photo.

Bonus App

And now, for the bonus that has me really excited. It’s called Text Art.

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I’m pumped about this because we used to refer people to the app called Word Swag. Word Swag is an awesome app, but it went from being a free app to being a paid subscription that didn’t make sense for a lot of people to pay for, so we stopped referring people to it, and Text Art is a great replacement for it.

Text Art is awesome. It is very simply, and easily allows you to slap on some beautiful looking text onto your photo. You can use your own pictures or they have a plethora of stock photos as well, and the unique benefit that is fabulous for those that love putting quotes on their Instagram pictures, is that it has quotes already installed in it, that you can just populate.

So you just scroll through, find a quote that you like, hit the button and it pops it onto your photo, which is awesome. Text Art can save you a lot of time in creating some really great content that goes viral pretty easily.

Instagram loves quotes. Nice, inspirational quotes can really do good on the platform.

The downside of this app is, yes it’s free, but there are a lot of ads so you have to be patient. The ads will pop up every once in a while, but that is the trade-off for having a free app.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, you need to watch THIS VIDEO where I share with you five tips to grow your Instagram account incredibly fast with real followers. Watch that next and I’ll see ya soon.


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