Best App for Instagram Followers in 2020 & How To SAFELY Automate

So you want to grow your Instagram account, get more followers, but you don’t want to spend hours a day on Instagram to do it? You want to automate that process. Who wouldn’t? So we are going to show you how to safely use automation to grow your Instagram account.

In this article we’ll be going over:

  • What your best options for Instagram followers apps are.
  • What you need to look for in a good Instagram auto followers app.
  • What you should NEVER do with automation tools that will guarantee you get shut down.
  • And, the ONE thing you MUST do to keep your account safe to help prevent lockouts and shutdowns.

Now back in the day you could automate just about everything on Instagram without any worry. But those days are over.

Instagram has gone to great lengths to stop automation. Maybe you’ve fallen victim to getting blocked or even losing your account. So it’s important that you learn how to be smart about it, to minimize your risk. Though it is important to understand that using any automation is against Instagram’s policy and that you are taking a risk in using it no matter how careful you are.

With that in mind, make sure to read this entire article as we will show you the best tool to use to automate your account growth, AND at the very end we’ll lay out the most important thing you need to do when using your automation to keep your account safe.

What’s the difference now? What’s no longer working?

Previously, automation on Instagram was wide open. The following, unfollowing, likes, direct messages, comments, and even, posting…. You could automate everything. You could set it at the maximum speed. And you might get locked out here or there. But, you know, a day or two later you could just start it right up again, and you’d be fine, right? But you can’t do that anymore.

Instagram has really tightened the limits on exactly what you can do. They’ve gotten really sophisticated in how they detect automation tools. Instagram has also increased the severity of the penalties when they do lock you out, or suspend your account, or do a temporary activity ban, or something like that.

You really have to know what you’re doing with automation. You can’t just flip a few switches and have something set up automatically for you anymore, which was what some of the services used to do for you. You really have to focus on setting up your automation tools in a way that it mimics organic activity as closely as possible so that you are growing gradually and at a steady pace, rather than try to push the limits every single time you turn on your automation tools.

What should you absolutely NOT do when it comes to automation?

The worst thing you can do with your Instagram Automation is to make it look like an automation tool. The more natural and organic you can set up your tool, the better.

For example, there are people out there that they set up very basic accounts that might not even include a proper profile picture. They have very few words in their bio, and they don’t really have much set up at all. And then they just start following and unfollowing at the very maximum limits. And they just push it, and they don’t really post. They’re not engaged with their audience. And all they’re trying to do is get followers. This doesn’t work.

That type of behavior is very easy for Instagram to detect. And you will get your account shutdown doing that. If all you’re doing is setting up a shell of an account, and you’re following and unfollowing…or you sending direct messages trying to pitch something, links to sales pages, or to sales videos, or something like that, that’s very bad. That will get you shutdown pretty quickly. If you’re not posting quality content, if people are not engaging with your account, that’s also not very good for your IG account.

If you choose to use an Instagram automation tool, you still have to be a good citizen of Instagram.

You have to give value to the community. You should just think of automation as just an extra layer to benefit and add on to what you’re already doing within the app.

You can’t treat automation as something that is going to get you results that you’ve never gotten before because all automation does is it takes the results that you’re already getting, and it helps you to get those results faster. If you have a really crappy account that is getting no followers, has no engagement, and then you suddenly try to add automation to that, you will get the same results..

Automation is great for amplifying what you’re already doing. But if you’re really not very successful with what you’re currently doing automation is not going to help you.

What should you look for when evaluating automation tools for Instagram?

It is very important to understand that You really want automation tools that are going to help you to mimic human behavior as closely as possible.

Yet not all of them do that.

Stay away from are the ones where they just click a few buttons, and then the automation tool takes over for you. You have no idea what they’re doing in the background.

Many of the online apps that used to work well, aren’t going to be that effective anymore. And there are so many of them out there… Automation Tools like Instazood, SocialCaptain, Social Upgrade, MegaFollow, Falcon social, Gramzilla, Quickfollowz, Instavast, Viral Soda…. There are so many of these online apps that try to make your Instagram automation simple for you, which is great. But the problem is that they don’t let you customize your settings to a point where it’s actually going to help you to grow your account safely. Many of these tools just help you to get your account shutdown since the less customization you are able to configure, the more likely you look like a bot to Instagram..

Now for the BIG reveal! What is the very best automation tool to use to help you gain more followers on Instagram today?

The very best automation tool…

Here’s the thing…because of the amount of customization that you need to do in order to mimic human activity, the best tools are really going to be the most complicated ones to set up. Typically, these are not tools that you are going to be able to sign up for and quickly turn them on. You need to know the appropriate rules to follow, and how to randomize your settings in a way that looks organic.

The one that we’ve been using to help us continue to grow our Instagram account that is working really well, better than anything else that we’ve used before, is Jarvee.

Once we customized the settings in Jarvee exactly how we wanted them, it’s been running smoothly ever since, and we have been using Jarvee for quite a while now. Another neat thing about Jarvee is that it isn’t exclusively built for Instagram automation. It also automate some things for your Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.

There are a good 8 or 10 different apps that Jarvee actually works with that will do some automation for you. Even on the very basic account, it gives you 10 social media accounts that you can automate.

You can mix and match those accounts however you want. If you want to automate 10 Instagram accounts you can do that. If you want to do five Instagram and five Twitter you can do that. You can mix and match your accounts however you like with up to 10 accounts on Jarvee’s most basic plan. So it’s very economical as well.

How to configure your automation tool

When you’re setting up Jarvee, you have to think about configuring your settings as if you were doing the following/unfollowing manually. How would you actually be doing it in real life?

If you were to sit down every day and do your following and unfollowing, how many people would you follow at a time? How many people would you unfollow at a time? What time periods, in what interval of time would you be doing that for? Would you sit down for a 30 minutes here, or 20 minutes there? Would you take a lunch break sometime? Would you sleep at night?

These are questions that are really important to keep in mind when you’re setting up these automation tools, so that you set up the follow/unfollow intervals in a way where it’s going to mimic your actual real activity. If you’ve been doing this manually for any length of time you know what your schedule is and exactly what those would be, so it wouldn’t be that hard for you.

The BIGGEST step you need to take to stay safe…

The really important thing that you have to do with any automation tool that you use a proxy. You can not just set this up on your home network or over an online app and expect it to work and not get shut down. One of the things that Instagram is really paying attention to right now is what IP address are you logging in from. If they detect that you’re logging in from an IP address that is known to be an Instagram automation tool, that makes it easy for them to quickly shut you down or to lock you out. So use a proxy, even if you’re using a web tool, even if you’re using something like Jarvee you want to use a proxy.

Also, don’t just use any proxy. The best proxy to use would be a mobile 4G proxy. You want it to be somewhere close to your actual local area that you would log in from.

We noticed things really started to operate smoothly for us once we implemented a mobile 4G proxy, along with the optimized timing settings that more closely mimicked human behavior. We configured our Jarvee settings around our normal behaviors, like when we were actually sleeping at night, when we take a lunch breaks here and there, only sitting down for 20 to 30 minutes at a time for IG following/unfollowing.

What is a proxy?

Basically, whenever you access the internet you are accessing it from an IP address. That IP address is going to be specific to your local area. A proxy will assign you a different IP address, so that it looks like you are accessing the internet from a different location. Whenever you use this an actual mobile 4G proxy, along with your automation tool, this will help to keep your Instagram account safe.

This makes it appear like it’s just you on your cell phone instead of accessing Instagram from the same IP address as known automation bots.

Where should you get a proxy?

There are a bunch of proxy services out there to choose from, so knowing the best place to acquire yours is important. The one that Jarvee actually recommends and the one that we use is called Social Proxies by High Proxy. This proxy service has been working for us really well.

There are plenty of other proxy service providers out there that you could go with that would probably be fine. But the one from High Proxy is the most affordable one that we’ve seen out there. The other ones are going to be 30, 40, $50 a month just for one. High Proxies is about $4 a month, maybe even less than that, so it’s much more affordable.

Before you get started…

In addition to following the guidelines we’ve laid out here, it’s important to understand the limits you need to stay under each day when setting up Jarvee. So you’ll be able to set up your activity to stay within a safe range for following, unfollowing, likes, comments, direct messages, and all that good stuff.

To learn exactly what those limits are, you definitely want to watch this video where we share with you the specifics so that you can stay safe on Instagram.

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