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The Digital Trailblazer Podcast

Hosts: Todd & Leah Rae Getts

Learn how to build a legitimate, profitable online business from the ground up without the shiny objects, hypey gimmicks, and without the stress and overwhelm. Each week, learn new strategies directly from other business owners who are putting them into action and getting results.

#7: How to Use Facebook Groups & Messenger to Book Calls and Get High Ticket Clients with Justin Everman

Listen & Subscribe A lot of coaches and course creators have Facebook groups, but not a lot of them are successfully booking calls and getting customers & clients from them… Some time’s it’s because nobody joins your group, or if people do join, nobody engages with your posts in your group. When you message people,…


#6: How to Use Upwork to Get Clients for Your Online Business with Glenn Doman

Listen & Subscribe Getting clients for any type of marketing or ads agency isn’t easy when you’re first starting out. There’s typically a lot of hustle and cold calling required to get your business off the ground. And for a lot of agency owners, they have to keep hustling the phones and networking to get…


#5: Starting a “Passive Income” Online Business with SEO with Raye Michel

Listen & Subscribe Creating a passive income stream isn’t easy. There’s a lot of work involved in creating the product, getting traffic, acquiring customers, delivering the product, customer service, and so on… But once everything is set up, it can be a great way to bring in extra income with relatively little effort. In this…


#4: Working Mom Quits Job & Replaces Her Income In Just 3 Months with Erica Gregory

Listen & Subscribe When Erica Gregory went on maternity leave, she made the bold decision to never go back to her job, and she started her online business instead. Within just 3 short months, Erica replaced her full time income by “only working during naptime”, and she now runs a healthy 6-figure online business. In…


#3: How He Uses 10-Sec Videos on TikTok & Instagram to Build a 6-Figure Online Business with Nicholas Burns

Listen & Subscribe Nicholas Burns grew a massive following on TikTok with a 10-second video strategy that earns him millions of clicks and views every month. He then started re-purposing those videos on Instagram and YouTube and saw even BIGGER growth. And now, with the free, organic traffic he gets from those platforms, Nicholas has…


#2: $300k in 10 Days – How to Get Other People to Promote YOUR Offer with Mark Harbert

Listen & Subscribe Mark Harbert has sold millions of dollars worth of online courses and coaching by getting other influencers and affiliates to promote his offers. In this episode, learn Mark’s secrets for getting others to promote your products for you and the most important skills you should be learning right now in order to…


#1: Using YouTube & Challenges to Build a Multiple 6-Figure Coaching Biz with Jazmine Tates

Listen & Subscribe Learn how Jazmine Tates built a 6-figure online coaching business using YouTube videos and Challenges to get clients. We dive deep into her content strategy as she reveals how she finds subjects to create videos on, how she moves her viewers into her Challenge, and how she structures her sales funnel to…


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