#49: How to Sell Your Digital Products Business for a Profitable Exit with Jen Kilbourne

Episode 49: Most online business owners who have a digital products business (i.e. coaches, course creators, etc) don’t typically have a real “exit strategy”.

Some coaches & course creators plan on just making a bunch of money and then just quitting when they’ve decided they’ve made enough money (or just get sick of it), and others have just never even stopped to think of an exit plan.

But what if you could actually sell your online course or coaching business for a profitable exit?

In this episode, Jen Kilbourne explains how she did just that.

Jen answers all your questions about how to sell a digital products business… how to find a buyer, how to prepare for the sale, how much is your online business worth, how to maximize the value of your business, what are the things that add value to your business, how long does the process take, what do you do if your business is tied to your name and likeness, how big do you need to build your business before you can sell it, and much more!

About Jen Kilbourne: Jen Kilbourne is someone who can take your big ideas and turn them into profitable income streams.

Jen is an Executive Coach and Communications Expert that built her first online education company in a B2B niche and sold it in 2020. Since then, she's been focusing behind the scenes with growth-phase entrepreneurs to identify their intellectual property and develop their corresponding books, courses, and transformational content.

Her mission is to provide the services and education needed for visionary leaders, teachers, and experts to sustainably support and profit from their work online -- so that their audiences of real people can benefit as greatly as possible.

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