#48: How to Hire Virtual Assistants That Are Cheap AND Good at Their Job with Beejel Parmar

Episode 48: You can only build your online business so far before your revenue hits a plateau, and the only way you can continue to grow is by hiring a team to run parts of your business for you.

The problem that a lot of solopreneurs run into is that they either find a cheap VA from overseas that produces low-quality work, or you pay a high price for a US-based VA in order to get an acceptable level of work.

In this episode, Beejel Parmar reveals how you can find highly-skilled VA’s from overseas at a much lower price than US-based virtual assistants. He explains what to look for in a resume, warning signs that a VA is likely to be a bad hire, what jobs and tasks in your business to outsource first in order to maximize ROI, how to train and manage your VA’s, and much more.

About Beejel Parmar: Beejel has been advising entrepreneurs on the subjects of overcoming procrastination, productivity, and outsourcing to virtual assistants since 2009. He has pioneered a home based VA model, and is a frequent speaker at workshops, mastermind, networking groups.

Since 2019, Beejel has been running a groundbreaking VA service, Bee Epic, setting a new industry benchmark with a direct hire, no mark-up fee approach. This model, emphasizing community and transparency, attracted skilled VAs and built trust through face-to-face training and events, benefiting both clients and VAs financially.

Check Out BeeEpic Outsourcing: https://www.beeepicoutsourcing.com/

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